Quote2 Feel . . . Not JUST intellectualize your needs . . .

Continuous Improvement . . . first of all a passion . . . 

Over a 15 years spent developing companies around the world (Quality, Cost, Logistic, Development, and Management) led us to the following conclusion:

Today, organizations stay focused on the notion of effectiveness (achieved results compared to expected results ) when the notion of EFFICIENCY (result achieved compared to resources involved) should be considered as THE key success factor, allowing organizations to differentiate themselves from the competition, and then benefit from a real competitive advantage.

Any organization can become efficient . . . It requires to pay a particular attention to:

On one side:

                • the existing organization culture
                • the articulation and harmonious deployment of the different coexisting processes
                • the relevance of the KPI’s enabling decision making;

On the other side:

                • the interaction and engagement level of the different impacted actors.

“Efficient Partners” team.

Efficient Partners, is also and above all a network of « expert’s » partners:

        • sharing our values
        • cross-functional and cross-industry competencies based on Continuous Improvement tools, methodologies and techniques (Lean, 6 Sigma)
        • recruited through a rigorous process ( expertise, experience, interpersonal skills, engagement/agreement contract )
        • able to act at strategic, tactical, operational level
        • « Think Global »: able to operate worldwide
        • « Act Local »: integrated into your teams for a local and customized action, enabling an efficient exchange (culture, language )

As the partnership must also be lived internally, we have set up communities of practice allowing our network to share « best practices ».

In order to get more information about Efficient Partners practices & services, please refer to « Our Approach » & « Our Services » or do not hesitate to contact us.